Italy – August 2017

Where do I begin to describe this beautiful country?

blue water from boat trip

blue water

My first student, Matteo, of whom I have blogged before. My lifeline when Nick became ill. And Marghe, my newest student. I love that they got to meet. My two good looking kids from Italy.

Matteo and Marghe

After we all met, Matteo and I went to the … um…. beach? The sand pebbles are REALLY large here!! The ones on each side and to the rear were about the size of a HOUSE. Climbing through these was amazing to me. I DID IT!!

Rocks from scratch

And we got to here, where we jumped off these rocks into that clear, blue, BLUE, water….so refreshing and bracing and COOL till you got used to it. Then it was beyond wonderful!!scratch rocks.jpeg

This is where we were ‘camped out’ while swimming. These rocks, as you can see, are HUGE!

relaxing rocks

Trying to get back out of the water onto said rock……well as Marghe’s father said “Granite of Sardinia claims another victim.” I had to laugh. It hurt pretty good at first. And during each dip in the salty Mediterranean hurt like crazy…but it cleansed it and today? Almost healed.


This is a tomb. There are approximately 7,000 Nuraghe on Sardinia. I’ve c/p the link to Wiki for info on them. They were amazing…..!!

Nuraghe tomb

Even in that heat!!


Matteo and I in front of the largest building in a village. Underground water system, the buildings of rock were just…………if you EVER get to the Island of Sardinia…GO see these. They are just ……………..amazing.

Matteo and I at Nuraghe

Our last day together. I had such a wonderful, healing, rejuvenating, refreshing, fun, (keeps listing adjectives) time. 11 days of ………..(see above)

Matteo and I Friday

My Italian son is such a great young man. I love spending time with him and talking with him.

I am so proud to know him.

Thank you for the best vacation EVER!!

Love from your worst language student ever…..

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5 thoughts on “Italy – August 2017

  1. Welcome back lady!! It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful visit. You have a lovely smile. Keep it there on your face 🙂

    PS: Does Matteo need a sugar mama by chance? 😉 KIDDING!! (sort of lol)

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