I think your son…………….

Tequila for coffee

Thank God it’s Friday and a 3 day weekend at that!!

I woke up in a rotten mood today. Which makes things worse because it IS Friday. Friday….of a three day weekend Friday. Ugh. This does not bode well.

Friday finally showed up

I’m hoping this weekend to take off on a long motorcycle ride. We’ll see. One can have hope.

I hope as the day goes on, my mood improves. I don’t see how it can because I AM at work and just want to be home sorting things, rearranging things, getting things ready to go for my daughter and her family.

My lower back and both hips make me walk like my back is broken. It HURTS like it is broken. My legs like to give out on me and I am afraid of falling now.

My grandson has made a good effort to include Marghe into his family. He sat and talked with her when we were at the camper last weekend. Last night at the game, he came over and asked her how she liked football and he smiled that smile.

uh oh

I text my daughter in law this morning.

“I think your son likes my daughter. lol!”

She laughed.


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