Have a mediocre weekend….?

I’m not sure what mine will be like. I’ve been invited to go to Mississippi Mayhem with a man *gasp* for the whole day. Which could be interesting since my back has been giving me fits lately. He asked me to go to the races with him. Because I like the crash’em up ones! This is the ‘trailer races’ – anything that can pull a trailer or camper I guess. Could be interesting. A night out instead of sitting at home. And I enjoy talking to this guy so………..it will be a fun evening. He’ll always be my friend.

Friends. That’s all I seem to be making. I can’t get my mind to say, ya….I could be with him. All I can see is Nick yet. But it’s been a year. Man…..it’s been a YEAR. Over a year. I’m not sure what I expected. I just know I’d like some male companionship. My 3 year old grandson is sleeping in my bed every other night. Not quite what I was expecting. *sigh*

a strong woman.jpg

Recently I spoke of keeping more to myself. There are a few people that seem to like to scoff at my decisions because it doesn’t include them. Sometimes I don’t think they realize that they are rolling their eyes, or snorting, but I watch body language. It usually says more than actual words. My world, my life, my choice. . . . so please respect that……….. I’m gonna do what makes ME happy. And that is NOT dating Nick’s friends. I will go DO things with them, but I do not plan on dating them. Sometimes it will include you, sometimes it won’t. I’m not speaking to any one person directly on this. Just life in general.

It’s my daughter’s first wedding anniversary this weekend. Grandson and I got one of their presents last night. They are going away for the weekend. SIL mother is keeping them Saturday while I go to the Mayhem. I will go pick them up on Sunday morning from LaCrosse. This will be interesting as she doesn’t want to even look at me let alone talk to me. I don’t get it. But that’s her decision and I am fine with it, and respect it.

Sprint 2014

Maybe by the time we all get home, the dog and the cat will have worked out a truce. My dog/their cat and their dog/my cat. And MY cat is being the aggressor! But then Piper wants to make friends so she sticks her nose in by Sprint and Sprint doesn’t want to play and and and… shredded and bloody pit bull/boxer nose. I may have to set up the kennel for the cat. He’s just being pissy….. So Momma will have to get pissy with him.

Fall is falling. I do like this time of year. I was never ready for you to leave

I start another season without him. I’ll be ok.

I always am.

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