I often wonder…

….what goes through the mind of the men who ‘pose’, leaning against the cylinder rack right outside my office door. They lean up against it like they are some well built firemen or bodybuilders trying to entice me to the ice cream shoppe.

Depending on the person, the giant love handles and the beer gut………I’m sorry…that is not something that turns me on, especially if you are all grubby, filthy dirty, unkempt,  AND (for Pete’s sake!) WEARING A WEDDING BAND!  So for you to wiggle your ass at me while I’m sitting hostage at my computer……………….ugh.

accept the good in your life like me i am a delight.jpg

Granted, I’m no slim, svelte, beautiful thang sitting here…..just getting older by the minute. I do have standards and that includes NO WEDDING BAND. I would hope you have the same standard if you are wearing one!

Some people’s children.

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