Do you have ‘donor’ on YOUR license??


As most of you know, Nick’s corneas were donated for transplant. He died at 2am. They took him to the morgue about 4am. About 6:30am I crawled into his hospital bed and was just falling asleep when my phone rang at 7am. I’d only had an hour of sleep in the last 36-40 hours.

7am the phone rings….it’s the Eye Bank….with a bunch of questions they apologized profusely for asking so soon after my loss, but time IS of the essence. Of course I said yes to all of them because both Nick and I had decided a long time ago to be organ donors. I wish everyone did. Somehow I feel he lives on in the 2 men who got his corneas. He’s HELPING people even after death.

Back in mid July, I sent letters to the eye bank for the 2 people who rec’d those corneas. Monday, I sent an email to the lady there to make sure they rec’d the letters for those two people. They have and are waiting for responses. She told me some write right away, some will wait 6-12 months before answering.

Then she wrote the following:

I took a look at your website that you had linked in your signature. It is very well done and I applaud you for your courage to have your life and feelings out there. Would you be interested in sharing your story of recovery with us and the story of David? The letter that was sent to the recipients of his donation is very kind and heartfelt. I love the part you added in there about him making the best decision by putting ‘donor’ on his license.  We are working on getting more donor and recipient stories, showcasing different family members, who they were and the importance of donation. Something like this would be used as testimonials on our website, facebook, exhibiting materials, brochures that go out to other families and partners, etc.

If you are interested, please let me know and we can discuss further. Thanks you for your time. Have a great day,


I stopped in my tracks.

Then immediately wrote back of COURSE I would!

everything is going to be ok in the end

To me, this is exciting news. If I can help someone decide on being a donor….why wouldn’t I do this?? I’m now curious as to what they need from me. I’m hoping they will just take some words of mine from my blog but we’ll find out and I’ll let you all know…..

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9 thoughts on “Do you have ‘donor’ on YOUR license??

    1. Oh I’m sure they will find SOMETHING they can use!! Nick’s corneas were the only thing they could take from his cancer ravaged body. I’m just sorry they couldn’t use more. As I’m sure he would be too. Being a donor was important to him. Thank you for your comment.


    1. Your family can know it’s ok all you want. If you do not have it on your license or in writing somewhere? It doesn’t matter. So please, put it on your license or wherever you must. And thank you.

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