My Horrorscope today….

You may want to play it safe, but a friend or partner is eager to throw caution to the wind. Perhaps you can reach a compromise.


Wonder what THIS means……

I have 4 more weddings to attend. Is this it? For two of them, I have promised to be the date of the father of the bride or date of father of the groom.

I’m going to dance and drink and have fun and not worry about anything….and go home alone.


and she said I cant take this anymore.jpg

For some reason lately, I’m feeling very trapped, lonesome, alone, but mostly? with no sense of direction. No sense of what I want to do now that I’ve sold most of his cars and I’m boxing up so many of his possessions. I feel like I’m throwing him out. Making him less important to me. I’m feeling like I have no choice in the matter.

And I don’t know where to go from here.

So I’m going to just keep maintaining for now. Get my daughter and her family settled into my house. Finish dealing with stuff getting sorted, boxed up and stored. Finish getting the remodel projects done in my house. My daughter has some awesome ideas for decorations so I’m just going to let her loose.

Maybe making the house not look anything like it did when he was here…..? Will help.

Here’s hoping!!

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8 thoughts on “My Horrorscope today….

    1. You can imagine but reality is 10x’s worse. I never knew either till this last year, how devastating it can be . . . debilitating… Just when I think I’m back on my feet, the rug goes flying again…………..


  1. Go for it. You never know you might meet someone at the wedding. Doesn’t matter if you box up stuff or sell them. The important thing is not to lose him from up there. It’s your memory that’s keeping him near not the physical stuff.

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    1. I’m staying with my friend. The one Nick wanted to be his replacement. He lives too far away. But someone from the wedding I may never see again………….there’s an idea…..!!

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