That felt so GOOOOOOOD!!

I was somewhat naughty last night. *snickers* 

After my shower, I settled in a chair on the screen porch with all the lights off …………. and my robe wide open.

WHAT?????  IT WAS DARK OUT!!!!  SHEESH PEOPLE!! shuddup.

Note to self: I need to get a chaise lounge on that porch…..I just sat there, listening to the sounds of the night. Traffic was light for a change so no headlight glare bursting through the calm late evening darkness. And the sound of the evening bugs was music to my ears…..

It was so nice out there. The warm temp (69*) and the cool breeze….It felt so good on my damp skin. The only thing that would have made it nicer? ……………… I’ll let you figure that out.

I should have blown up the air mattress and slept out there.

I wish it would have been a Friday night … I’d be still be sitting out there. I think I will anyway…..of course I’ll need to warn the other residents of my house…..screen porch Mustang Run evening


tumbling mossy creek.gif

This, too, looks beyond inviting…..I would figure out a way to get a tent close to this without disturbing nature….and just listen to the sound of the water.

I wish I could find my other tent. I want to camp again… the rain. It is SO soothing to be out in nature. Just me and my dog. He’s such a great companion. (Jegs, the black lab)Bohdi and Jegs
Bohdi the blonde…..still cannot settle down. He will be a year on Halloween…He tests my patience.

The guy that took me to the car races the other night, wants to go out again. I may. I may not. We’ll see. He was a good friend of Nick’s. So…………..

One day my heart will be ready……….cropped-girl-and-balloon

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9 thoughts on “That felt so GOOOOOOOD!!

  1. I am lucky that I live in a cabin in the woods and can sit on my front porch buck arsed naked and nobody would know, hell I even danced naked in the rain just recently. But heck it is fun to be a little naughty!!

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  2. Hehehe just do it. Why not? 😂 got to live dangerously once in awhile.
    Hubby won’t even let me go out the door in my dressing gown lol he’s worried what the neighbours are going to say😂

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