Well….last night….

…………was both good and not so good.today-is-cancelled-go-back-to-bed

I found them. The suit coat, the shirt and the dress. And in the suit coat pocket? The inevitable crumpled up tissue. I’m finding them in everything lately.

I lost it.


Then I found the winter coat, the Red Lantern coat, and the dress he bought me in Mexico, and, and, and and…………. I just wish the pain would lesson. Sometimes it is OK and I can manage it. Sometimes it slams into me like a F650 Tonka Truck. Just as strong as the day he died.

Grief is the last act of love

Apparently we had great love.  I’m glad for that.  It just makes dating someone else…difficult.

Line drawing of grief

I have to say those twisted balls of yarn type thingys in the photo above are getting further between…..They just are not getting smaller.

So up till last night, I was actually thinking of a couple guys I wouldn’t mind dating.

Then my mind went …….. “Nah…………..I’m just going to go enjoy………”

My heart will know when it’s ready.

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3 thoughts on “Well….last night….

  1. You can play around with dating without investing any part of your heart.
    You are correct, your heart will no when it is ready for more than just getting back into life and living.

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