Well what did I do THAT for…..???


Just for grins and giggles, I got on Plenty of Fish.

Blame Jad for that. She’s an instigator. And very naughty. She makes me snort coffee all over my screen! AND slide under my desk in a helpless pile of giggles.

So anyway…back to PoF…. I get in there and start looking around.

Really guys? How about if you dress up a bit? Comb your hair, TRIM your hair…..and stop with the stupid angry faces….? It’s just a thought. One guy? omg…….he looked PISSED!! AND there were 7 photos of him looking pissed…..Same pose, same couch, same stuff on the walls behind him. Just changed his shirt in one photo. *wow………….just wow*

One guy I ran across……….has ARMS like you would NOT believe.

Immense, I tell ya!


Ya, I had to screen shot this. But alas……….. He’s from too far away so no hug. *sigh*

But I see my stalker from OurTime is on PoF…. Ugh. He’s even viewed me. I hope he doesn’t talk to me as I really hate blocking people.

Also talking to Steve from 3 hours north…..*sigh* Interesting guy to speak with.

Maybe I’ll just end up with a bunch of new friends. Who knows……

Better yet? Who cares?


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5 thoughts on “Well what did I do THAT for…..???

  1. What?, wait… me naughty, are you sure? oh, yeah I guess I am!!
    OMG those are some ARMS but WHY oh whY are they crossed like that, he should be holding them open ready for a warm embrace…no wait…even better a BEAR hug!!
    Just stay away from the dudes who are holding deer heads or dead fish, seriously, what is the deal with that!!

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