Crap on a cracker….

My emotions were on a roller coaster this weekend…7 dwarves.jpg

I’m loving having my daughter en fam living with me, but it is requiring me to go through boxes of Nick’s things that I was not ready to do yet. She got upset with me for not having it done. I got upset with her for pushing me. But if you saw the size of that room, you’d understand why it is not getting done in a day.

I got upset/melancholy/depressed feeling like I am throwing Nick away by going through his stuff and getting rid of it. All the catalogs are getting recycled. The magazines are going to Operation Homefront to go in the care boxes for something for them to read. Toy cars are getting all boxed up and stored till I can start putting them on Ebay or Craigslist. The radios? I think a few will leave tonight. Fingers crossed. I simply cannot keep storing all of them.

I want the remodel projects in my house done. The kitchen, the downstairs bath, the 3rd bedroom, so I can start on the students room and a bar in the basement. Grand plans I have!

I might just start contemplating these early this year and break the resolution I made many years ago. (That one was to never make any more NY resolutions)

10 NYR

I hate when that happens.


So now I’m trying to sort out the hits on the dating site I joined.


I am ready to give  up.

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7 thoughts on “Crap on a cracker….

  1. Oh no no no, don’t give up before you started, take a little break if you need to, just browse for fun and don’t message or respond if you don’t want to. Remember you do not have to commit to anything, you can just look..looking is fun, there is some mighty fine specimens out there . See it is that “bad” influence Jad talking again 😛

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