So apparently I have a date….


The guy makes me laugh, he’s local, he’s funny, and he knows exactly where I live.


Apparently he lived in my area 40 years ago. He lives just north of where I work. Then he said I live in On……a, it’s just a little south of (name of town I live by). I said “well imagine that!! I too, live south of (name of town I live by)” and he came back with “Fr…………le?” (name of little gathering of houses 1/2 mile from my house)….um….


He asked if he could take me to Mike’s (local bar I NEVER go to) for supper. Then he laughed and suggest the local supper club. Well, we are getting warmer! He even knows where Charlie’s is. OK. I might be safe….?

Almost scary.

I know…y’all think I’m strange. Especially after yesterdays post of missing Nick so much to go to this one about a date? Ya, I’m nuts that way. And my emotions and thoughts seem to go all over. I think I’m getting better at not feeling like I’m cheating on Nick by going out with someone. Then there are days when I’m almost terrified to leave the house.


You have to remember, we were together for 23 years. That is NOT easy to forget/dismiss/get over/forget about. But, I have to move on with my life. I tell myself that. Others tell me that. I’m trying to do that.

IS IT WORKING?????? I don’t know. I just know I am talking to men who did not know Nick. And I feel pretty apprehensive about it. Like I’m waiting for Nick to get mad….ya, get out of my head. It’s frightening in there.

But I tell ya peeps, it is SCARY. I spent several hours having a great conversation with RS. Laughing and flirting and wondering if I will feel anything towards this guy… crying my eyes out and apologizing to Nick on the drive home.


I haven’t dated since I was 19. And even then I had met my 1st husband before he and I ever started dating. I was good friends with Nick before he and I ever got together. And that is the extent of it. I even knew a couple guys I dated in high school before we dated. I have never gone on a ‘cold call’ kind of date.

And to me? It’s terrifying. So we may do a little lunch. That gives me 30 minutes to deal with “terrified” and hopefully go to “not so scared”.

OMG I just invited him to the football game!! WTF??

I have to go take my temperature.

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17 thoughts on “So apparently I have a date….

  1. I don’t think you are crazy. I think you are acting as normal as anyone who has been through what you have been through. I stumbled upon a blog the other day written by a lady here in the town I live in. She lost her husband 7 years ago and still has moments where she struggles with it all. Go on the date, have a good time, see what happens. It’s just a date right now. Getting together with someone you might enjoy spending time with. Probably better than going out with one of Nick’s old friends. To me that would be more awkward, but that is just me. And you know what? If you have a good time, I think Nick will be smiling down on you the whole time.

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      1. Maybe in the spring of next year. I really need to go see relatives in Indiana so it’s not so far from there. Haha, Jim would die if we showed up on his doorstep.

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  2. Boo!! Deep breathe!! take it easy… Okay… all you are doing at this moment in time is planning to go and enjoy some wonderful company with another member of the human race. I know it is hard not to think about Nick in this but if what I understand from the relationship with you and Nick and the type of man I guess him to be, he would be happy that you are finding a way to move on with your life. Please please please do not overthink this, do not get caught up in misplaced guilt. Go out, have fun and enjoy yourself and take it ONE moment at a time!!

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  3. Have fun fingers crossed it’s not awkward. He makes you laugh so it’s a good thing .
    My rule of thumb for first and go for a walk. If it’s awkward coffee only . Once you’ve sipped all of your coffee it’s out of there.
    Lunch is good once you’ve already met 😊

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