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Happy Hallow’s Eve!!

You can expect a big change to come upon you very soon, and it will begin in small ways this very day with a change in attitude. Well, an attitude can change when you GET BACK INTO A PAIR OF … Continue reading

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Another weekend…..gone

You’ll see the meaning of something rather routine if you look at it from a different level — literally. Adjust your position! I had a good week/weekend. My cousin from Texas came up. Spur of the moment kind of thing. … Continue reading

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My new shower…..

Nov 22 – Dec 21 Make a note of those things that affect you beneath the surface somehow. This will require a little more self-awareness than usual. huh? Anyway…..last October, my old shower/tub combo was ripped out in hopes of … Continue reading

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What a GAME!!!

Nov 22 – Dec 21 You’re likely to amaze and inspire a friend who wonders at some of your abilities. Share what you know and watch what happens. Share what I know??  And watch what happens? I don’t think this … Continue reading

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Today, 3 years ago….

…was a day from Hell. I have a photo of Nick from that day no one will ever see. I look at it from time to time. Looking so small in that bed. In SUCH pain even with the morphine … Continue reading

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Three years ago today…..

October 23, 2014. The day of the endoscopy. The day Nick’s camera surgeon came in and told us the tumor was cancer. That DAMN day. I remember the endoscopic surgeon, I don’t even remember his name, that came in to … Continue reading

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Last week, I watched….

Christopher in a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Rear Window‘. It was a good movie as the original. But that remake….I have to hand it to Mr. Reeve. He did an awesome job. I will never forget when I heard he … Continue reading

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