Update on my friend…

various type of alcoholic drinks isolated on white

So I had been waiting all day yesterday, worried about getting a phone call from J. (See? I have lettered men, too Jad!!) I really doubted he would even ATTEMPT to contact the hospital and talk to his doc about his drinking.

I got a phone call at 7:26pm.

“I called. They will call me if they have a cancellation otherwise I go in on Wednesday.”

“Go in for what J?”

“For my knee.”

“For what J?”

“My knee.”


“And for that other thing.”

“What other thing J?”

“You know.”

(silence from me)





(More silence from me)

“My drinking.”

I about cried.

He admitted it to me.


It’s a start.

J has two stunningly beautiful daughters. He doesn’t want to lose them.

Or me.

Up to him now.

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10 thoughts on “Update on my friend…

  1. I hope it works out for J, keeping my fingers crossed
    Oh, and not sure if you noticed I started out with letters but then I got creative and began coming up with fake names… It was Mon Capitaines idea…hmm or was it The Rodfathers? faaark I forget!

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  2. 😂😂😂😂😂 you could give them nick names by what they do or who they looked like? I haven’t started my list yet but it’s fun😂

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    1. I know that. And I told him that a dozen times too. I also told him the consequences of the wrong decision was to never see his daughters or I again. And he knows I WILL WALK AWAY.

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  3. Reblogged this on Welcome to my little corner of the institution… and commented:

    I told y’all about my friend from a year ago. For a couple months after this conversation and another one where he told me his sponsor was now his girlfriend (raises left eyebrow), several texts….I finally sent him a letter. Stating that he had failed and that he needed to remove my contact information from his phone, his address book and his life. I was done.

    I have not heard from him in almost a year. It makes me sad and I miss him like my left arm. But it was his choice not mine. He knew the consequences. I have also found out his twin daughters do not talk to him anymore either.

    I hope that bottle keeps him warm at night.


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