Last week, I watched….

A Hero is someone who perserves Christopher Reeves.jpg

Christopher in a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Rear Window‘. It was a good movie as the original. But that remake….I have to hand it to Mr. Reeve. He did an awesome job. I will never forget when I heard he had been in a riding accident. He was an much admired actor in my world. And when he died? I cried.

So I had a date Saturday night. He took me to a haunted house. I’m thinking he just wanted to hold my hand……or grip his arm in fear….which is what happened when we got to the basement. I hate dark basements and this was a dirt floor and creepies were crawling around making those odd noises. *still shuddering* OMG That part was scary. The rest was brilliantly done and the players? FAB!!! They had 8 – 10 year olds dressed up and working the crowd. “Can we eat yer brains???” talking real slow and heads tipped sideways. So real. Made me think of the redrum twins…….

So it looks like we are going to another haunting this Saturday night down in Prairie.

He is a very nice man. I’ve known him for … I don’t even know how long. Seems like I’ve known him forever. He was a friend of Nick’s but not one we hung out with a lot. He wants me to just be me.

That’s nice to hear.

Wonder if he’ll hold my hand again…….


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