Three years ago today…..

October 23, 2014. The day of the endoscopy. The day Nick’s camera surgeon came in and told us the tumor was cancer. That DAMN day. I remember the endoscopic surgeon, I don’t even remember his name, that came in to tell me the camera had gone well, the pictures looked like it was cancer, he was SO sure of that!, and that it had been there a while.

I wish that arrogant little turd would have made sure someone, ANYONE, was with me when he told me. He had the attitude like “I got to tell them FIRST!!!” and OUT the door he went. No I’m sorry to have to tell you, no is there someone here with you? …

I remember sitting there stunned. And it would be several hours before Nick came back to his room.


I’m doing better this year. Still have tears in my eyes thinking about this day  in 2014.

But I’m getting better.

I have wonderful friends and family….

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