My new shower…..

image009Nov 22 – Dec 21
Make a note of those things that affect you beneath the surface somehow. This will require a little more self-awareness than usual.


Anyway…..last October, my old shower/tub combo was ripped out in hopes of a new one put in. The old one drove me nuts. I would have to clean this every couple of days. I told Nick I was done. He didn’t want to put a new one in. I’m like HUH???? Then you clean it.

And he did.

bathtub 005.jpg

So a couple months after he died? I had the old one ripped out.


And now? A year later? This is how it looks. The plumber is coming by the end of this month to finish up the rest of his end of it. Then I’m hoping my son will finish the rest. I have 2 french doors. One to be half of the wall to the left and the other on track to roll open and closed as a door.

Shower doors.jpg

Fingers crossed the image in my mind can be built here. It’s very similar to the one above.

I need some peace and tranquility back in my house. I need these projects done. I need to walk in the rest of my house and go “Aaaah” like I do my bedroom. I need to just start THROWING things and I cannot do it.

So I am donating things. Lots of things. I just don’t need to STORE them anymore. I need my peace back. Inner peace. And not the kind you get by finishing things….like that bottle of wine or that bag of chocolate. The kind you get by cleansing your ‘space’.

And by getting laid.

Damn……………….no wonder I’m all discombobulated!

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22 thoughts on “My new shower…..

  1. What does “getting laid” mean ? 😉 When I finish a bad of chocolate, I get heartburn, and wine gives me a headache. Gah, my life sucks!!! LOLOL The shower looks nice. Hope you get it all finished soon Boo. ♥♥

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