Happy Hallow’s Eve!!

Sagittarius with date
You can expect a big change to come upon you very soon, and it will begin in small ways this very day with a change in attitude.

Well, an attitude can change when you GET BACK INTO A PAIR OF JEANS YOU HAVEN’T BE ABLE TO WEAR IN OVER 18 MONTHS!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!! I found a pair sitting at the end of the bed this morning. I don’t recall putting them there but I thought “What the hell!” and put them on. Imagine my surprise when they slid right on! 3″ smaller than I wore last year. *high 5’s………..ah………..looks around…….. for something*


“Happy Halloween” face turned out pretty good huh?? I’m hoping my daughter can do my eyes like this for my costume tonight. Co-worker suggested lips like Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus.  We’ll see how it ends up and YES……………I’ll get a photo … or 2 … or 3……*snortz*

M and I might go for drinks tonight. He’d better make up his mind as I’m not going thru all the make up to have him say ‘Nah’….LOL. Oh, he’s picking me up he just informed me…..ok then!

My cousin left to head across the state yesterday…my house was too quiet last night. It was nice just sitting there with her. Not expecting lots of talking or whatever. Just sitting and being. I did a lot of remembering. I just cannot picture her as ‘Grandma’….Hell, I cannot even wrap my head around her as grown up! She’s one beautiful lady tho. A smile a mile wide. I think I’ll be going to Austin next winter….I hope she wants me to come….

My oldest son took to her and just picked on her. That means he likes her. He was having a BALL with her.

I have to tell y’all……I put the Eagles CD in. ‘Love will keep us alive’  was Nick’s and my song. I heard it come on and braced myself. And sang right along this time. Smiling instead of crying.


It felt good.

Am I healing?

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