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The witchhunt continues…..

You know when and where to start, and you’ll know when it’s time to stop — but in the middle, you may have to trust in luck. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM interesting. Start what when? Stop what when… I in the middle NOW???? … Continue reading

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The bubble is bursting….

You cannot expect to control all aspects of your day, especially when your emotions come into play during afternoon hours. This was me yesterday. I told a guy off. oops. To explain what seems to be going on….for a long … Continue reading

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I can?? REALLY???

  You don’t want to come off half-cocked today — nor do you want someone else to do the same. You can exert a necessary influence all day. I had all this stuff for blogs running through my mind on … Continue reading

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Welcome back to your desk. Good luck pretending to work.

46,30,65,26,46,57,61,37 <—the ages in the obituary notices I rec’d in my email this morning. Jaysus…..Getting YOUNGER all the time….This is not good. So the depression got worse over the holiday. Family reasons. I have to believe they just don’t get … Continue reading

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Oh man….and I was doing so WELL!

I am in such a funk right now and I don’t see myself coming out of it. A long talk with a man I thought of as someone I could always count on…showed me I can’t anymore. These last few … Continue reading

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I’m trying, Nick, I really am….

You asked me to not mourn you for very long. Nearly impossible, love. You were the love of my life. A force to reckon. I will always love you. You asked me to move on with my life and find … Continue reading

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My trip this weekend…..

So I went to see my friend T in the cities this weekend. She has taken courses in college for writing. She gave me some good insight, some good tips, and some homework. HOMEWORK????? Yes, I have to have get … Continue reading

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