I need something…..


………..to bring me back to this.

“Call me if you need me!”

“just let me know if you need me to help”

“You ok? You know you can call me if you need me.”

I have. And I get……

“I’m sorry, I’ll be out of town.”

“Can’t….won’t be home till 10pm”

“Sorry, not today.”

So PLEASE do NOT tell someone you will be there for them IF they finally get to the point where they call YOU because YOU do not check up on them…then tell them you can’t come.

MEAN it when you say it. Be prepared to BE THERE for them when they call. Because you have NO fucking idea what it took for them to dial that #.

And if you reply with any of the above?…..it’s like a bullet to the heart.

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Nick for paper.JPG
Somewhat OK…

In this photo you will see the shirt type Nick always wore. I had a bunch of them made into pillows for the grandkids. 11 of them. And my bank account is $600 lighter. But you should SEE them!!! They are freakin’ AWESOME!! Kris did a wonderful job.

I will get a couple photos soon.

His flannel shirts? Are getting made into a lap robe for me. Wonder how much that will set me back. But it’s worth it.

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So I took a chance

Capn Jack peeking.gif

…and asked our sales rep who visits the guy that smiles at me, to see if he is single.

“I think he is married but I’ll ask.”

“Quietly” I said…………he said “yes.”

So another ‘just my luck, he is married’ kind of answer.

Should have stayed unknowing.

Then I look at my horrorscope for today: Your attention is likely to shift to things that are not of this world. Today, something attracts you like nothing before.

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