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Last night was rough…..

I’ve spent the last few months picking away at things getting them sorted and ready to either go to the trash, Operation Homefront to include in care packages, given away, donated….. I sat at my desk last evening and started … Continue reading

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I don’t have a lot today. I do know, however, I am looking forward to seeing T on Friday night providing he isn’t working till late. He starts a new job Wednesday and he’ll find out his hours then. Hopefully. … Continue reading

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I won’t be SKIING but Nick and I always wanted to go to the Ski Jump the first weekend in Feb. Skiers from around the world compete here that weekend. I am hoping it’s as much fun to watch as … Continue reading

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One of my next projects…

I want to put a shower up outside my back door. I’m sure it won’t be THIS elaborate, but I have a picture in my head. And I can already feel the water on my skin…..My plumber thinks I’m nuts … Continue reading

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Does it help you?

I find that when I don’t get to listen to my music ? I get ……..something. I hate to say anxious because I don’t have anxiety attacks. I don’t feel …….. complete. I LOVE to sing at the top of … Continue reading

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My horrorscope today:

You know that something quite unusual is going on, but you cannot name it nor can you do anything to stop it — just yet. Hmmmmmmmmmm I have spent 3 hours today talking with a man online and having a … Continue reading

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It’s a bootiful day…..

…………..OK. Sometimes I lie about the weather. It’s chilly out there. Mid 20*’s for the high. (that is about 3*C for those using that scale) We got a crap-ton of RAIN yesterday before it turned to snow. So we have … Continue reading

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