Dearest Nick,

I miss you.

Every day.

I can’t help it. Twenty three years was not long enough to spend with you. I sometimes feel we were just getting started. We had so much more to do. So many things left undone.

have you ever just stopped and realized that if you hadnt met a certain person your life would be completely different
I really wanted us to drive our Mustangs to a show together. That would have been a sight. Me in my ’65 Fastback, you in your ’69 Mach. I still plan on taking both to a show once. I’ll just have to have someone else drive one of them. In your memory. I know Cullan would love to.

I have that shelf on the wall yet. You know the one – we bought it at Goodwill. It will stay there.

Wall shelf 2.png

I remember that day when I found it. We looked at it. You read it out loud to me. We stood in the store hugging and crying. When we got home, I hung it up as fast as I could in a place where I knew we would see it every day.

You only got to see it about a year.

I still look at it every day.

I do wish I had met you back when I was 17. I think we would have had the same stormy relationship we did, but I wouldn’t change our life together for all the money in the world. I couldn’t breathe when you weren’t with me. Even when you were having your trouble and we weren’t together.  We were meant to be together for as long as we were.

I loved you more than words can say. I still do.

But it’s time for me to move on now. I finally feel it.

I already know I have your blessing, hon.

Thank you for that.

Nick and Sue by Bec

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