It’s a bootiful day…..

…………..OK. Sometimes I lie about the weather. It’s chilly out there. Mid 20*’s for the high. (that is about 3*C for those using that scale) We got a crap-ton of RAIN yesterday before it turned to snow. So we have frozen slush under this white crap. Makes it hard to walk in high heels. (snortz)


We got only about an inch of snow. But if all the rain we had would have been white crap? 12-18″ of it. It just POURED yesterday.


And it’s just warm enough for a lot of that to melt  and it will refreeze in new and fun patterns to walk on. *sigh*

olaf and snow angel.gif

I like Olaf’s idea better. I wanna build a snowman. Or those foot tall snow humps in the front lawn, then you push glow sticks in for eyes and watch people drive in the ditch. Ya. That’ll be fun…..WHAT??? Sheesh…lemme have some fun!

Well, my slightly quirky, really bat shit crazy friend has found a diamond in the rough. I’m happy for her. She’s had a rough life till she discovered sex. *smiles* Me? I had a boring life till I discovered making love. (Thank you Nick! And I love you always.)

I know one day my new love will walk into my life and turn it upside down. I will hear his song.

I think I’m ready for that.

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