One of my next projects…

I want to put a shower up outside my back door. I’m sure it won’t be THIS elaborate, but I have a picture in my head. And I can already feel the water on my skin…..My plumber thinks I’m nuts , but he is on board with the idea.

If you haven’t discovered the ?? of being Au Natural out of doors yet? Please do so. And as soon as weather permits. You are NEVER too old. The joy of rainwater or warm breezes on your skin…I feel like it releases something inside me. I have my screen porch where I can sit after dark and no one can see me. I leave my shower without drying off, walk out to my screen porch and just enjoy the warm summer breeze drying me off. I should warn my kids then just sleep out there one evening.

I started talking with a guy online on Wednesday. I met him for wine Thursday (last night). We are going for supper tonight.

We are also discussing the pros and cons of neckties. *falls down giggling*

I’ll keep you posted.

He makes me smile.
He makes me laugh.
He makes me snort coffee all over my computer screen.

He may have potential!!


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