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I don’t have a lot today.

I do know, however, I am looking forward to seeing T on Friday night providing he isn’t working till late. He starts a new job Wednesday and he’ll find out his hours then. Hopefully.

I have a wake/funeral on Friday later afternoon. My friend Rhonda, with whom I was very close to a few years back, passed away at age 63. We had lost touch, reconnected on Facebook but not very well as I seldom heard from her.  I had heard she contracted lung cancer but she wouldn’t talk about it.

She was a regular Dr. Doolittle. A fascinating woman – I am NOT kidding. Her animals LOVED her. And she loved them. It always was a JOY to watch her interact with them. She had a collection of different chickens, cattle, horses, pigs…the list goes on. I LOVED going to her house. So relaxing and peace-filled.

I feel a hole in my life just got bigger. She will be missed.

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