Last night was rough…..

I’ve spent the last few months picking away at things getting them sorted and ready to either go to the trash, Operation Homefront to include in care packages, given away, donated…..

I sat at my desk last evening and started in on THAT mess.

…and pulled out the bag with all of Nick’s medical papers. I started going thru everything to make sure there was nothing I really needed to keep. And ended up with a 3 ring binder, clear page inserts and 7 notepads.


And tears rolling as I once again lived all that he went through. Things I had forgotten, care at home instructions, all the folders he got every time he was in the hospital (7 that I found) filled with pamphlets on how to……..

How did I ever get through all that…..?

Certainly not unscathed.

I simply do not know how Nick made it through what he did for as long as he did. He had SUCH strength.

We had a talk last night. I told him it was time for me to move on.

No lightening bolts came from the sky so I guess he’s good with that.

Wish me luck with Ted, my love.

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