…There. I have THAT out of my system. I chuckle at the truth in it.
I have a question to ask you all and I’m just very curious for your answers and opinions.

It has been suggested to me that I need to go ‘F**k a bunch of different men to build up my self confidence’.  Wow. Just wow. Like I would DO that.

I shot back ‘Well, if you want me to do you, you’d have to come to my house [his house has extra people and] since I’ve become such a slut in your eyes*

“I never said that and I take offense to it even being suggested.”

How could he be more offended that I was? I was hurt, stunned and offended that he would say something like this to me. We have been friends for 20 years. I sat there in tears.

Was I right to be upset and offended? How was I sposed to feel?  “like you have confidence. You said you needed touch to heal so get it. There’s no labels in that.” There ISN’T??

You all know how women who sleep around are known as sluts and men just get another notch on their bedpost. At least that is what I was taught growing up.

I know that one day, I am literally going to have to just jump in with both feet and try being with a man again. I think I am finally feeling like I won’t be cheating on Nick if I do. I KNOW he’s gone. Drop that old scolding OK?? If you haven’t lost a spouse that you loved like I loved Nick…then you just don’t get it.

I want a normal life again people………..

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6 thoughts on “Buuwwaaaahahahahhaaa!!

  1. Ugh, people can be so heartless and stupid. I guess you need to become more like me. Indifferent to the words and opinions of everyone else. That takes a long time though…

    Love ya girl ❤

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      1. Sometimes men don’t know the right things to say. What makes sense to them, makes no sense to us women. I don’t know him, but if he has been a close friend, I doubt he meant to hurt you Boo. ❤ Guess you have to try to think in "man" terms!

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