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Y’all know I work in an office/store with 5 guys. And MOST of the customers that come in are men that work in the construction/dredging/asphalt/power company type businesses.

If you didn’t? You know now. They come in dirty/filthy/well used uniforms or blue jeans, work boots.

Let’s just say the only guys that come in ‘dressed up’ are the sales reps.

So today this guy comes in. It’s only the 2nd time I’ve ever seen him. I do not know his name. I’ve read where he works on the back of his jacket a couple times but it won’t stick in my head because……….well why should it?

The first time he came in a few weeks ago, he stood in my office and chatted me up. I do know he is 4 years younger than I, more than a foot taller (so he has THAT going for him) and he’s kind of funny.

After he left? I promptly forgot about him.

I have HUNDREDS of guys come into our business and call me on the phone. I know my regulars. I’ve been doing this since 1993 so voices stick in my head (which drives SOME people nuts as they think they can sneak by me). Not going to happen.


Anyway, today he comes in with a pressure washer wand, holds it at a ‘rakish’ angle and announces he is having trouble with it. I raised my left eyebrow and just looked at him then giggled.

That may have been a mistake.

He does his thing with the pressure washer stuff and as he’s leaving, he pops his head into my office. I’m on the phone. I figured he would leave while I was chatting with a customer getting an order. Nope. Stood RIGHT there. Waiting. Like a ………………?

I get off the phone and he says ‘See you Saturday night? Bottle of wine?’

oh my sweet Jesus.gif

I said ‘I’ll be in the cities Saturday night for my daughter to go to an NBA game.’

‘Oh, OK, well I’m moving this weekend anyway.’

And mumbles something else I didn’t catch, then he leaves.

I was sitting here thinking about this…..and burst out laughing….

I hate this dating shit…….

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