It’s a day already…..

………I started talking with a 45 year old last night. I asked him if my age bothered him. He said no. My eyebrows shot up.


I also have a 29 year old that would like to date me I think. “I enjoy our friendship and if anything more happens….it happens.” wow….*looks in the mirror…hmmmmm*


My Horrorscope today: Your reputation is on the line today, whether you know it or not. A longtime supporter is willing to stick his neck out for you. Interesting…..

Can This Magic Bush Cure Cancer and Cast Spells?

cure cancer?

I don’t want to read it. It’s too late for me to have hope. I don’t think I had any hope from the day he was diagnosed but I never told him that. I couldn’t tell him that. I suffered that one by myself.

My ‘daughter’ was in a car accident, totaled her Envoy. She is one of my many adopted kids. Love her to bits.

Just a tidbit kind of day.

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Parking problems??


….easily solved……….

Why do people have to be such dicks when they get behind the wheel of their precious car?? UGH.

-Get the HELL outta the fast lane if you can’t go fast. If you cannot tell which lane you should be in? Look behind you. A 3 mile line of cars behind you? MOVE THE HELL OVER!!

-Turn your F***ing headlights on!! (It IS the law) You BLEND in with the pavement at dusk! and in Fog. And in misty rain. I should NOT have to tell y’all this!

-Blinker fluid! FILL IT!!

-Be in the lane you need to be in BEFORE you need to be in it. Turning right across 2 lanes of traffic?? NOT a good idea asshat!

-If the police have someone pulled over? YOU DON’T NEED TO CAUSE A GAWKER’S BLOCK..just keep moving people, nothing to see there.

-If there is an accident…move into the OTHER lane and KEEP MOVING….slowing down to see blood? Will only cause another accident. Then I will kick your ass, asshat.

-It’s snowing. It’s slippery. It’s icy. And you are F***ing TAILGATING ME??? You are a special kind of stupid aren’t you?

-Everyone is special to someone. Including you, you asshat driver.

Remember that.

What are YOUR pet peeves??

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My weekend….

What a weekend.

Friday night was the wake for my friend. It was hard as looking at the photos brought back SO many memories of the fun I had with her.¬† A visit to Rhonda’s house was always an adventure.

After I left the funeral, I HAD planned on visiting the g’kids. Nope. Flu. I ain’t bringing that crap home!! So I went right to Winona instead, did a few errands then headed to Ted’s house.

We had an awesome supper at my favorite Mexican place then back to his house for a glass of wine………We talked, shared photos………….

I’m giving up dating.

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It’s a bootiful day……

…….no it’s not! It’s like -2* out there!!! Who LIVES here?? And why?? I have a bit of a cold that has the inside of my nose just dry, cracking and bleeding. Well, at least I’m not hacking up a lung…yet. My nose HURTS.

The funeral is today. For the last several days, memories of Rhonda have been flitting through my mind. She ALWAYS had a smile on her face. Always. And a laugh for you. Her animals thought she was ‘the bee’s knees’. They would walk up to her, rub on her, give her kisses. She truly could ‘talk to the animals’. She even had a pig that would open her mouth for R to rub her tongue. It made the newspaper. She was a beautiful soul. She was something else. She can be proud of her life.

The world will be lacking with her gone.Rhonda.jpg
Rhonda doing what she loved best….riding her mule with a g’kid hangin’ on!!

Her place was always a disorganized mess. In MY mind. She knew EXACTLY where everything was. And I loved spending time there. I always went to her house. There was always so much to do. And you always felt so welcomed.

I am amazed I am doing as well as I am about her dying. But tonight at the wake will tell.

Rhonda? You give my Nick a hug when you get there OK? You two behave too, I know you both!

Love you woman!

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It’s now Thursday…

….and I’m having very mixed emotions about Friday afternoon and evening.

retirement mice.png

First I work….ugh. I am seriously living for retirement now.

Retirement savings.jpg

I am tired of the rat race.

retirement buzz lightyear.jpg

Then at 3:30pm, I leave for a wake/funeral for Rhonda. *sniffle* I really wish we would have reconnected better. I moved over an hour away. Made it hard. Even when I visited my kids (a 50 minute drive from home) she was another almost 30 minute drive. I loved her house. It was a converted chicken barn. Freakin’ AWESOME is the word for it. Up and down stairs, different levels…I really felt comfortable there. I wish I could buy it……

After I leave the funeral and spend some time with the G’kids….I am heading to Ted’s house. I really enjoy this man’s company. He makes me laugh, smile, want, need, think, snort things out my nose, and just¬† … be. I am not anxious when I think about him or talk with him. Amazing since it’s only been a week today he came into my life.

I think I am going to have to skip the ski jump. I am stuffing up. So I took cold meds. They kept me up till 4am. So I quit taking them and now I’m stuffing up again. *sigh* Ride it out, Boo, just ride it out. And it’s only sposed to be in the teens. I’m not going to be outside or even sit in a vehicle for that. I have wanted to go to this for years, but I’m not going sick. I’ll just get sicker.

And besides…..I have no idea what time I’ll be home Friday night.

Or Saturday morn…afternoon…….

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