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This was…..

….the FIRST Easter card I received after connecting to the World Wide Web and setting up email. I thought “I”m gonna LIKE this!!” (There is another one like this for Halloween….their little butts are painted up like Jack-O-Lanterns….makes me giggle … Continue reading

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Too busy today!

Enjoy this instead!!!

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Two days of…..

….(squints to read bottle) AMOX-CLAV 875mg tablets and my infection is subsiding. I think. I just know I am not in as MUCH pain anymore. Altho every now and then it will FLARE up and remind me it’s hanging on…..dammit. … Continue reading

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Something fun!!!

I think I need to stalk that guy that came in here asking me to go for wine. Problem is? I don’t have a name or for sure where he lives. ugh I need to go find some fun. Stalking … Continue reading

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Palm Sunday

Two years ago on Palm Sunday. I kept thinking about that all day yesterday. And just felt calm. I miss you, love of my life….RIP.

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Yesterday was 20 months

……….can you believe it’s been that long? Still feels like yesterday.

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Keeping up the pace…

You can accompany someone on a journey today that is not long, but proves ultimately to have a far-reaching impact. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM That’s an interesting Horrorscope…. I’m looking back over this blog and thinking……..what else do I have to get off … Continue reading

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