So I had a date last Saturday night…..

……’s OK. I’ll wait till you pick yourself up off the floor.


*taps fingers on desktop*




*looks at the clock*




I really do like this guy. We have some great conversations. I enjoy spending time with him.  He does not, however, want a relationship. In fact, he has another g/f he spends time with now and then.

I do, however, want a relationship. Someone I can count on.

And I am also finding out why no one makes me feel ‘that tingle’.

I’m comparing them to a guy I had a short relationship with that first winter after, and also to Nick. I know. Shush. I’m not sposed to do that. And I am SO trying not to. But those two…..WHEW!!

Nick was sexy as hell. TO ME. And that is all that mattered. I know other women found him sexy and handsome too. But ladies? He was MINE. All mine. I was all his.

Same with this other guy from that fall. He knew how to make me feel good. His friendship was beyond healing for me. In fact, I told him he was my healing man.

I need a relationship. I can’t just be with a man to be with a man. There has to be some kind of connection. Weird how I am wired huh? And I have to learn how to be with a man………….all over again. One day I’ll get that opportunity. I hope.


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5 thoughts on “So I had a date last Saturday night…..

  1. maybe we should work on a resume of your bestest woman skills that you have and you could post that on great idea, huh??? there’s no need to thank me. I know it was greatl appreciated.

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    1. It’s not easy. I find myself looking for someone totally different then I think about HOW different. The mind is a terrible thing to listen to sometimes. ugh


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