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I got a phone call yesterday that was both wonderful and difficult.

Nick’s oldest brother (70something) lost his girlfriend of 12 years in early February. Her wake/funeral was on Valentine’s Day. I went to the wake, unsure of my reception. Bernie, as much as he could be in his grief, was glad I was there. I got a smile, a firm hug that lasted longer than normal, and a thank you for coming.

It made me feel better.

After I got home, I sent a letter to Bernie. Just telling him some of what I have been going through since his brother died. Letting him know that this IS his grief and he can get through it however he can. It is HIS journey. So many tried to tell me how fast I should be ‘over’ Nick and moving on, even as early as 6 months. One former friend told me by then I should be ‘over Nick and f***ing someone else! What are you WAITING for???’

Notice I said former friend? I don’t need people like that in my life. No matter HOW much I loved this friend.

Just because she had affairs during her marriage, divorce, and how many since she filed, I have no idea. And I don’t care. That is HER business. As mine…..is mine.

Anyway…..back to my phone call. First he called me Nick. …surprised me but we kept talking. Over 20 minutes before he got a call from some friends taking him out somewhere. It was a good talk. And I am going to go visit him soon. We need to reminisce.

And we need to visit the cemetery too…..

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