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The end of another week….

…..and all the thoughts that were swirling around through my head all week are……….*poof* gone. Dammit. My guy is coming into town and we are going to my G’son’s Track Meet. The oldest G’son. The one that will be hardest … Continue reading

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RIP my favorite Numpty………..

Oh Elsie…to my wonderful favorite Numpty. I loved you. You were the source of some of my funniest jokes and meme’s. You kept me laughing and smiling when I thought I couldn’t carry on. You made me laugh and smile … Continue reading

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I guess I’m a realistic person…..?

Good Lord knows I’ve melted enough ice cubes in the last 21 months. I have another date tonight. It will be a movie and snuggling on the couch but that works for me. I also have a few things I … Continue reading

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Have I?

I think so. I have a man in my life with whom I am comfortable and enjoy spending time with. My house is slowly getting in order. My weight continues to go down. It was noticed this morning. Thank you … Continue reading

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I sit here …….. and smile (Edited)

I am thinking about changing my status on my Facebook to ‘in a relationship’…OK, I just changed it. Wonder how many will notice. LOL OMG A BUNCH immediately! WOW. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhahahahahaaa!!!! We had a wonderful weekend. I got to see him … Continue reading

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I opened up this page to write…………and all I saw was a BIG blank white screen where I can put down words that maybe, just maybe, y’all want to read and comment on. And I went blank. I sat here … Continue reading

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April 19 , 1989

Heavy smoke pours from Turret Two following an internal explosion on 19 April 1989. My friend Ricky was in there when this photo was taken. The following is from Wiki. 1989 turret explosion Main article: USS Iowa turret explosion   … Continue reading

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