I have not had heartburn since he and I started dating. I just noticed that today. I’m just getting a twinge of burn but I am STARVING. And when I thought about why I’m burning…it went away sans Tums. Yay me!

I went to his house and we watched Taken 3 last night. Some scenes were difficult for me to watch. Someone dies and the things that go with that…………just brought back a bunch of memories. I did not have to go identify Nick at the morgue, but the curling up with his bathrobe, inhaling his scent and losing it…………it was right here. It did not last as long nor was it the ‘suck the life’s breath out of my soul’ like it used to.

Taken is a good series. I think I am now in love with Liam Neeson. *sigh*

It will be a whopping 3 weeks on Saturday since we started seeing each other.

7 or 8 dates already. I’m comfortable with him. He’s nice to snuggle up to. He’s funny and warm. I like his companionship and spending time with him. I just don’t know where this will go.
be crazy be stupid be silly
I’m just struggling with the ‘love’ thing. But I’m not putting too much thought into it yet. It just crosses my mind now and again.  I just don’t think I’ll have a love for anyone like I had for Nick. I may, and it will be totally new and different, I just need to figure it out. I’d settle for just being HAPPY and comfortable with Ken. He is so different and that is a good thing. It feels good to have his arms around me. I don’t feel possessive or jealous. I’m not worried about ‘us’. It is just nice to have someone to spend adult time with.

We haven’t spoken of this all yet. We should. I asked him last night ‘So is it official? We are dating?’ He laughed…..’ya.’ There are times it is difficult to get how he feels about something out of him.
That’ll have to change. heh heh heh……………
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5 thoughts on “Heartburn…

  1. Yes it sounds like Ken is it. Sometimes it’s just that comfortable feeling. Companionship. Just enjoy it and don’t think anything of it. Where it leads who knows? In the end love is friendship with wings 😊

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