I opened up this page to write…………and all I saw was a BIG blank white screen where I can put down words that maybe, just maybe, y’all want to read and comment on.

And I went blank. I sat here for an hour…


Another 45 minutes later I am still looking. I have so much I want to talk about with the feelings I am having surrounding my new man. And I don’t know how to put it into words.

Yesterday was spent thinking on and off about Ricky and the USS Iowa. Remembering an awesome young man everyone loved and who was taken from us far too soon.

Today I get a text from my cousin, my favorite Numpty has been going downhill. I planned to stop in tomorrow on the way back from the cities. Cousin text that the girls, her daughters, are heading there NOW. This does not bode well.  I’ll be waiting for a text. And it won’t be a good one. Elsie is one naughty lady. She made me laugh and feel loved. I will miss her beyond words. I am glad I stopped to see her a few weeks ago. She looked really rough…but she still had that Numpty sparkle in her eye. I'm fine

Ken. What can I say about him. I laugh a lot around him. I think that is important. We can also be silent with each other. We tease and smile and roll our eyes at each other. But how do I feel? I like him. A lot. I enjoy spending time with him. I miss him when we are not together just because I enjoy being with him….not because I am in love with him. Because I know I am not.

I am happy with companionship right now. Enjoying each others company. Doing whatever strikes us. He likes that I stayed overnight and I will probably do that as often as I can. And it’s because I love to snuggle up to his big warm body. We snuggle up watching movies with his projection screen TV. Movie is on a whole WALL……nice. Surround sound….nice. A warm recliner….nice. I’m good with this for now.

I don’t know if there will be more……but I’ll keep ya posted!

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