I sit here …….. and smile (Edited)

I am thinking about changing my status on my Facebook to ‘in a relationship’…OK, I just changed it. Wonder how many will notice. LOL OMG A BUNCH immediately! WOW.


We had a wonderful weekend. I got to see him all 3 days. I won’t see him now till Wednesday as Ladies Night got switched to Tuesday so we can go to $5 movie night and see Rampage.

I am exclusive when I with someone. There will be yes to anyone else who asks me out. *wait….WHAT?? I will answer I’m sorry NO to anyone else…what the hell? I must be tired.* (And how is it NONE of you spotted this mistake? heh heh heh)

I don’t do that. I go for supper with friends but they are not dates. Because they are my friends.

Weve been friends for so longWednesday evening I will stop by his place on my way home. I have to stop at my friend, Mary’s house, too. She lives a few miles before I turn to go to his house. I miss her. She is a sister to the guy I dated for a bit last summer. I miss seeing her. I miss her mom. Hell I miss him. He was a good friend to me. But his ‘soon to be’ has made it clear there is no room in that family’s life for me anymore so I have stayed quiet. I just miss them tho.

Lawn clean up tonight. It is a MESS. Have a great evening!

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