I guess I’m a realistic person…..?

glass half empty

Good Lord knows I’ve melted enough ice cubes in the last 21 months.

I have another date tonight. It will be a movie and snuggling on the couch but that works for me. I also have a few things I want to discuss with him.

It IS a school night yanno……so home by 9:15pm.

I spent some time remembering Nick again last night. As I got out of my shower, I could suddenly ‘see’ him when we first started being together. He had more hair then. He would dry off, get out of the shower, shake his head, finger comb his hair, then shake his head again. It was considered dried and styled then.*chuckles*

I could see it just as plain as day.

And I smiled…..no tears this time.

Memories of our life are popping back into my head at odd times. I’m sure starting a new relationship is what is causing it. And that is OK. I have to work  through this stuff no matter what. Ken says he understands when I have a bad day. I’ve only had ONE since we started 3 weeks ago, Monday night it was I think…

It’s a good man who still wants to be around you when you are having a bad day about your late husband. I may have to keep him. LOL


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