The end of another week….

…..and all the thoughts that were swirling around through my head all week are……….*poof* gone. Dammit.

My guy is coming into town and we are going to my G’son’s Track Meet. The oldest G’son. The one that will be hardest to win over I am afraid. He loved his Papa but he also knows Nonna wants and needs to be happy again.

cullan football 2017
I LOVE this photo of Cullan.

So I don’t think Cullan will put him through too much of a grilling.  He loves his Nonna too much.

cullan football.jpg

A friend promised him he could use his Mustang for Prom. And now that person won’t reply to Cullan’s question about it. I told Cullan he could use mine (He’s too tall to drive it) or Papa’s Truck ….um THE truck (won’t hold 4 people). That former friend of mine has gone back on several promises in the last few months.

Oh well. His loss.

Thoughts of Nick float through my head and I smile now. It’s not so rough thinking about him and the love we had. I will always love him with a passion that surprises me. But I will move on. Ken is comfortable and safe and yet HE surprises me with things too. It’s a side of Ken I have never seen and I raise my eyebrows then laugh. He makes me laugh…..a lot.

I hope he keeps me laughing.


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