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I stole this from Jim……

Are you named after anyone?  Yes, my Great Aunt Barbara. I know. My name is Sue. Makes sense right? When was the last time you cried?  A couple nights ago. And that is down from a couple times a night. … Continue reading

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My day today….

MUST finish the lawn tonight……Must finish the lawn tonight….Must finish the lawn tonight.

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A new love?

In order to have a new love, what do I do with the old love? I know. He is gone. But he will never be forgotten. Nor will the love I had for him diminish. The pain and the love … Continue reading

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I’m sorry…this is HILARIOUS!!!!!

……..NOT something he should be banned from walking at Graduation for….It shows creativity and a fun spirit. Something DESPERATELY needed in this new Land of Snowflakes. I think it rates right up there with getting 3 pigs,lambs or chickens, painting … Continue reading

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Pah tay time!

Last night was spent getting my screen porch ready. Friday night is my bonfire. I need a place for people to be in case Mother Nature decides to poop on me and rain like the forecast is saying. It’s irrelevant. … Continue reading

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I still miss you….

I should have taken a before photo. These headstones are a mess. And now I feel so guilty about not doing something with them. I will be looking for a recipe to clean granite. I’m so sorry Grandpa and Grandma! … Continue reading

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Where have you been….?

I have been to Italy Mexico England Scotland Germany Canada Wonder if I can name all the states I’ve been to… Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, North … Continue reading

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