I stole this from Jim……

giving up drinking for murdering

Are you named after anyone?  Yes, my Great Aunt Barbara. I know. My name is Sue. Makes sense right?

When was the last time you cried?  A couple nights ago. And that is down from a couple times a night. I’m doing better!

If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?  Sure.  I am a hoot!

Do you use sarcasm a lot?  It’s my third language! *snortz*

What’s the first thing you notice about people?   Their face to see if there is a smile or an attitude needing adjustment.

What is your eye color?  Brown. No comment from the peanut gallery please.

Scary movie or happy endings? Yes

Favorite smells?  Fresh washed babies, Fresh mowed hay, and Peonies. My dad always said Pig crap is the smell of money. HA!

What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home?  Milan, Italy.

Do you have any special talents?  Yes, yes I do but I think this is a PG13 rated site.

Where were you born?  Minnesota!!

What are your hobbies?  Living, breathing, having fun, ridding the world of that nasty Tequila.

Do you have any pets?  My son, Jegs the black Lab and my son Sprint the mercenary cat.

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Alive

Who was your first best friend?  Tammy was my best friend. And now so is Barb. Nick was my best friend. But he’s not here even tho I still talk to him. Spooky huh?

How tall are you?  If I stretch REALLY REALLY hard, I can make ALMOST 5’6″.

How many countries have you visited?, Germany, The UK, Scotland, Italy, Canada, Mexico and Texas.

What was your favorite/worst subject in High School?  Favorite was Art.  Worst was Geometry  – I was sick the first 3 days and didn’t have a FREAKIN’ clue.

What is your Favorite drink? Animal? Perfume?  Drink = Kahlua/Cream.  Animal = Giraffe. Perfume = Boss Intense.

What Sports do you play/Have you played?  football, softball, basketball, bowling, track…all in high school as required.

Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?  …………………huh?

How many Girlfriends/Boyfriends have you had?  I’ve had a few boyfriends. And I have lots of girlfriends. They are important.

Favorite memory from childhood? My grandmother and mud pies

How would you describe your fashion sense?  Comfortable.

What phone do you have? (iOS v Android?)  Samsung S7 and I hate it.

Thank you Jim aka MN Ghost. This was rather fun.

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A new love?

In order to have a new love, what do I do with the old love?

I know. He is gone. But he will never be forgotten. Nor will the love I had for him diminish. The pain and the love are mellowing with time. But I will never forget how much I loved that man.

I stood in the shower last night with tears just running down my face realizing in order to fall in love again, I have to put my love for Nick in a different ‘compartment’. I have to move it somewhere so maybe, just maybe, I can fit Ken in there.

He makes me laugh. Has for years. This photo? Anywhere from 5-8 years ago. I’ll never forget this. I told Ken I could have ONE drink. He brings me a Kahlua and cream in THAT glass. Full. Then he puts his finger in my ear trying to hold MY marbles in??

What a goof.

We had a good 3 day weekend.

I hope we KEEP having good weekends.

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I’m sorry…this is HILARIOUS!!!!!

……..NOT something he should be banned from walking at Graduation for….It shows creativity and a fun spirit. Something DESPERATELY needed in this new Land of Snowflakes.

I think it rates right up there with getting 3 pigs,lambs or chickens, painting numbers on them – 1 , 2 , and 4, then letting them loose in a school. I crack up every time I think about that one!

Whatever happened to having FUN…………?????

An 18-year-old who put his suburban Kansas City high school for sale on Craigslist has been banned from graduation after the senior prank went awry.

The Kansas City Star reports Kylan Scheele listed Truman High School in Independence, Missouri, for the bargain price of $12,275 last week. Problems arose when someone reported the posting as a possible threat because of Scheele’s choice of wording. He wrote that the reason for the sale was “the loss of students coming up.”

Scheele says he was describing the loss of the graduates and has apologized. But he’s been booted from Saturday’s commencement.

District spokeswoman Jana Corrie says significant hours were spent tracking down the post’s source. She says police even issued an emergency subpoena to Craigslist before determining there wasn’t a credible threat.

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Pah tay time!

Last night was spent getting my screen porch ready. Friday night is my bonfire. I need a place for people to be in case Mother Nature decides to poop on me and rain like the forecast is saying.

It’s irrelevant. I am going to be out HERE if I can’t be out THERE by the fire.


Tonight I will be out here enjoying a glass of wine. In case you have nothing to do……..

Below is my photo from last year. If it is raining? I can just light some candles and call it good.

Screen porch candle lit

I have to spot mow some of my lawn tonight…..maybe. Either it’s growing so fast or I have to lower my blades. SIL wants to sharpen my blades.

I can’t wait for this weekend. I need a 3 dayer. Three days with the new man will be awesome.

*sighs contentedly*

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Where have you been….?

I have been to







travel and have friends in every city.jpg

Wonder if I can name all the states I’ve been to…

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, North and South Dakota, Washington DC, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida….I think that’s all of them!!

So far…

I have friends all over the world. I love that. I know I have a place to stay when I travel and they know they have a place to stay when they come by me.


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My Unicorn Princess

First photo …….. May 2016. Papa is squeezing the stuffin’ outta her. Or is she squeezing him? Her 2nd birthday party at the camper. She sat with him, posed for photos, and hugged him so hard. 2 months later, he was gone.

squeezing Papa

May 2018…Her 4th birthday party at her house. She’s huggin’ the stuffin’ outta ME!! She came running to me with a smile and crawled up in my lap.

squeezing nonna

I got a unicorn bracelet!! I’m still wearing it today!! She gave it to me to wear and I won’t take it off till it breaks off!


I need to go find the photo of me at that age.  Jules is my Mini Me. And I love her to pieces. As I do all my G’kids. Beyond special…they weren’t kidding when someone once told me ‘they are nothing like how you feel about your kids.’

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Well THAT kicked my a$$……


The lawn is a foot deep so last night, two mowers got fired up and 2/3rds of it go done. Tonight the rest will be finished up. I have to dig into the rest of the flower beds when I get home and then it’s on to my screen porch. You remember that awesome room…screen porch Mustang Run evening.jpeg

After my shower last night, I wanted to go sit out there but I was in too much pain and went to bed instead.

I plan on this getting done by the weekend tho……………I want OUT there!!

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