I’m running so far behind today…

Friday finally showed up.jpg

You know, God put me on this earth to accomplish just so many things. Right now I am SO far behind, I ain’t EVER gonna die!

It’s been a rough day at work. One of the inside sales guys messed up and lost a piece of paper that had a list of things he needed ordered. The first line had a minimum box quantity to order. Because it was for a customer and EXPENSIVE, I gave it to back to him after talking to the boss about it (he wanted to substitute the item).

This morning, I am asked about it. I told him I put it on C’s desk and was awaiting an answer on the fitting.

Suddenly it became MY fault this wasn’t done. Not my order. I do NOT know sub’ing #’s for other types of fittings that may have worked. I am not sales. C dropped the ball and got all bent.

He LOVES to pretend HE is the manager here. He thinks he is more important than he is.

I reprinted the PO and put it on his desk. He FINALLY got in touch with the customer and was told to order minimum quantity. Then comes into my office and tells me to order the PO. “I need the copy of the PO.” ‘you have it’ he says. I said ‘no, I put it on YOUR desk.’ and I walked out to get it. He promptly starts screaming at me to not touch anything on his desk. I grabbed the PO I had put there after the reprint. “THAT WASN’T THERE A MINUTE AGO!” oh yes, asshat it was.

I am fucking LIVING for retirement. And it may come sooner than expected. I’m done with the disrespect around here.

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