Hump day…..yawn

Wed screw it it is wine wednesday

I’m thinking the day in the middle of the week should not have started with the same letter as Wine (or Whine as the case may be)….yanno?

Wed always keep a bottle of wine in the fridge for wednesday

Everyday is a special occasion when Wine is involved!

Ken came over last night and brought his push mower with him. With two of them going, we should be able to get it done tonight. I am going to try the little red riding mower in the garage and see if it will start. At least I can get an hour out of that one before it slows down to a crawl.

Then it will get parked out front for sale. I’m done with crap that needs fixing before every lawn mowing session. I have FAR too many of these lawn mowers and I need the storage.

Another part of Nick’s collections will be gone.

These I don’t mind….

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