My Unicorn Princess

First photo …….. May 2016. Papa is squeezing the stuffin’ outta her. Or is she squeezing him? Her 2nd birthday party at the camper. She sat with him, posed for photos, and hugged him so hard. 2 months later, he was gone.

squeezing Papa

May 2018…Her 4th birthday party at her house. She’s huggin’ the stuffin’ outta ME!! She came running to me with a smile and crawled up in my lap.

squeezing nonna

I got a unicorn bracelet!! I’m still wearing it today!! She gave it to me to wear and I won’t take it off till it breaks off!


I need to go find the photo of me at that age.  Jules is my Mini Me. And I love her to pieces. As I do all my G’kids. Beyond special…they weren’t kidding when someone once told me ‘they are nothing like how you feel about your kids.’

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