Pah tay time!

Last night was spent getting my screen porch ready. Friday night is my bonfire. I need a place for people to be in case Mother Nature decides to poop on me and rain like the forecast is saying.

It’s irrelevant. I am going to be out HERE if I can’t be out THERE by the fire.


Tonight I will be out here enjoying a glass of wine. In case you have nothing to do……..

Below is my photo from last year. If it is raining? I can just light some candles and call it good.

Screen porch candle lit

I have to spot mow some of my lawn tonight…..maybe. Either it’s growing so fast or I have to lower my blades. SIL wants to sharpen my blades.

I can’t wait for this weekend. I need a 3 dayer. Three days with the new man will be awesome.

*sighs contentedly*

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