A new love?

In order to have a new love, what do I do with the old love?

I know. He is gone. But he will never be forgotten. Nor will the love I had for him diminish. The pain and the love are mellowing with time. But I will never forget how much I loved that man.

I stood in the shower last night with tears just running down my face realizing in order to fall in love again, I have to put my love for Nick in a different ‘compartment’. I have to move it somewhere so maybe, just maybe, I can fit Ken in there.

He makes me laugh. Has for years. This photo? Anywhere from 5-8 years ago. I’ll never forget this. I told Ken I could have ONE drink. He brings me a Kahlua and cream in THAT glass. Full. Then he puts his finger in my ear trying to hold MY marbles in??

What a goof.

We had a good 3 day weekend.

I hope we KEEP having good weekends.

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8 thoughts on “A new love?

  1. I think you can keep your love for Nick and still love Ken. Just love him for who HE is. Lots of people lose a spouse and find new love, but never stop loving the other person and it works just fine. You seem a lot happier lately so embrace that happiness and I bet you Nick is smiling down on you when he sees you smiling with Ken. ❤

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    1. I think he is smiling too. He would have approved of Ken. Just so many things to learn as so much is new to me and how I have to adjust to my new life. I’m getting there. Hugs YOU!!


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