Hump day…..yawn

Wed screw it it is wine wednesday

I’m thinking the day in the middle of the week should not have started with the same letter as Wine (or Whine as the case may be)….yanno?

Wed always keep a bottle of wine in the fridge for wednesday

Everyday is a special occasion when Wine is involved!

Ken came over last night and brought his push mower with him. With two of them going, we should be able to get it done tonight. I am going to try the little red riding mower in the garage and see if it will start. At least I can get an hour out of that one before it slows down to a crawl.

Then it will get parked out front for sale. I’m done with crap that needs fixing before every lawn mowing session. I have FAR too many of these lawn mowers and I need the storage.

Another part of Nick’s collections will be gone.

These I don’t mind….

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you are going to be happy but first I will make you strong.jpg

Anyone who goes through the death of a spouseĀ  ……. will be strong. It has to be the toughest things to learn how to cope with, not to mention the death of a child or grandchild. THOSE are two things I cannot even BEGIN to fathom. And since I have not lost a child or grandchild (except one to miscarriage … which is tough too) I won’t even try to delve into those feelings because I do not know them.

But now…….I am stronger and know what I want. What Sue wants.

And I am enjoying life. I smile. I laugh. I love things again.

It’s pretty nice.




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I’m running so far behind today…

Friday finally showed up.jpg

You know, God put me on this earth to accomplish just so many things. Right now I am SO far behind, I ain’t EVER gonna die!

It’s been a rough day at work. One of the inside sales guys messed up and lost a piece of paper that had a list of things he needed ordered. The first line had a minimum box quantity to order. Because it was for a customer and EXPENSIVE, I gave it to back to him after talking to the boss about it (he wanted to substitute the item).

This morning, I am asked about it. I told him I put it on C’s desk and was awaiting an answer on the fitting.

Suddenly it became MY fault this wasn’t done. Not my order. I do NOT know sub’ing #’s for other types of fittings that may have worked. I am not sales. C dropped the ball and got all bent.

He LOVES to pretend HE is the manager here. He thinks he is more important than he is.

I reprinted the PO and put it on his desk. He FINALLY got in touch with the customer and was told to order minimum quantity. Then comes into my office and tells me to order the PO. “I need the copy of the PO.” ‘you have it’ he says. I said ‘no, I put it on YOUR desk.’ and I walked out to get it. He promptly starts screaming at me to not touch anything on his desk. I grabbed the PO I had put there after the reprint. “THAT WASN’T THERE A MINUTE AGO!” oh yes, asshat it was.

I am fucking LIVING for retirement. And it may come sooner than expected. I’m done with the disrespect around here.

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Just CALM down everyone….

calm down

Oh wait! I did! heh heh heh

….in fact, I told him that the other night. He said something about calming down during our pool game; and after 2 Kahlua and creams? ….I sauntered over, put my arm around his neck and told him “since you and I have been going out? I am much calmer and very content.”; gave him a kiss, and won the game of pool.


He is very playful when we play pool. I like that. It is nice to have fun again. We really do have a good time together.

Totally not what I expected to happen. And who knows where it will go? I just know I am enjoying my life again.

And that is what counts.


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….did you know you can become addicted to it?

I know I am.I-dont-like-to-think-before-I-speak

I Love singing at the top of my lungs in the car. It alleviates stress BEFORE I get to work and it relaxes me on the drive home.

Things are going well with ‘us’. Last night was a stupid movie and a couple games of pool. I WON MY FIRST GAME OF POOL! I won before but because he scratched on the 8 ball….3 times. This time I actually DID it on my own! Wow…it has been awhile.

We see each other quite a bit. Text or call the days we are not together. It’s nice to be enjoying life again.

He got my grandson at Prom last weekend. I’m still chuckling over it.

When I leave…my g’kids give me hugs and kisses. I had given Cullan his hug and was moving on to the next g’child when Cullan stuck his hand out to shake Ken’s hand. Ken put his arms out like he was going to hug Cullan. So Cullan put his arms out as Ken changed and stuck one hand out to shake hands. Cullan turned a bit red, we all laughed, and I think that sealed Ken’s place in my life with my kids and G’kids. They know he will stick around.

It was pretty funny…..wish I had gotten video…..LOL

Ken hasn’t been married and doesn’t have any children. But he smiled and talked to most of my 10 last weekend. They were all at my son’s house or the school for Prom….I should have gotten a photo…..

I think I need to get a photo of the two of us. A good one. The one I have? Isn’t a good one.

I am not a hot mess

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What is going on?

I don’t feel like writing today.

What’s up with THAT??

So I will share photos of my handsome grandson, his two little sisters, and Prom suit. Pink. LOVE it. It takes a secure man to wear pink……yup!

jules cullan aubree

I have to find that photo where I am holding this young man in my arms. He used to fit!

GRAD 2018

And I like how this photo makes me look SMALL AND THIN!!

Y’all have a WONDERFUL day!

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What more can I ask for……?

I am content.
I am happy.

I am calm

I am at peace.

I am enjoying my time with him.
He makes me smile and laugh.
My conversations with Nick (yes, I still have them) are ones with smiles and contentment. I have not lost it over Nick for a while now altho there are times when I feel anxious, Ken is soothing them out for me.
He gets it.
And I appreciate that….
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Fri just called bringing wine.jpg


Tonight is a ‘Signature Event’ for the Family Resources group of which I am on the board of.


Did Yoda write that sentence? I’ll work on it while I type. … or not.


Been just over a month now since he and I started dating. I’m liking it. I’m having fun. I’m smiling and laughing and I don’t feel so sad when I think of my Nick anymore. We enjoy ourselves, no thoughts, no worries, no complications, just fun, and …. I can’t say love because I don’t know how I feel about him yet. I just know I am enjoying myself. And for now, that is good enough for me.

I still miss Nick so much but it is mellowing. It doesn’t drop me to my knees like it used to. It’s been a long while since I lost it thinking about him. I can tell stories now and laugh and smile. I will always love him, and I will always miss him.


Friday night, I’m sure we’ll go do something. Saturday is Memorial Service for my Freedom Honor Flight Vet and G’son’s Prom, Sunday is back by G’son’s for a Fireman’s Pancake Breakfast ….Busy weekend. I’m sure he’ll kill me in Pool again too. Ugh.

Y’all have a WONDERFUL weekend in case I forget to post tomorrow. LOL!!

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