Ow. AKA don’t do dumb shit…..

See this nice load of wood? LOVE that I have more wood for next winter. I have about enough to make it thru December, maybe January, depending on when the low temps start and just how low they go.


Todd and Ken each grabbed a truck load for me. The 15+ chunks that are left need splitting before I can load and haul them. I also need to straighten out the pile I have.

So, unloading the wood, I am too short to reach, so I hopped up in the truck bed and started throwing from the far side, slipped on piece and went down.

On my chest.

That little red scrape doesn’t look like much but it is BRUISED under there. I cannot even touch it. My sternum is like DON’T TOUCH ME!! My left arm won’t go across to my right arm without pain, I have a HUGE black and blue mark on the outside of my left thigh and for some reason, the inside of my left bicep hurts likes it is all black and blue yet there isn’t a mark on it. I’m wondering if I cracked a rib.


I think I’m too old for this shit.

We planted more stuff at Kens house Sunday morning after a trip for breakfast and to the stores. I’d spent an hour push mowing my lawn before going to get those loads, then cooked supper and did some dishes. It was a long day.

I think this shirt looks like a pajama top so I am getting rid of it….*sigh*

Y’all have a great week!!! I’ll be hobbling till Thursday!!

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7 thoughts on “Ow. AKA don’t do dumb shit…..

  1. I thought the shirt looked like a hospital gown lol. So, I’m wondering what I will see next on this blog? First a bit of thigh pretty close to ass, and now a bit of chest, but not enough. You are such a tease 😉 (Take this as the humor it was meant to be 🙂 )

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    1. It isn’t a hospital gown but it is going in the donation box cause I think it looks like a hospital gown. No, I did not go to the doc as they would not do anything anyway and it would cost me $500……….


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