Grandkids…..say the durndest things….

My 4 year old Grandson told Ken and I last Sunday “I think you two should get married” then runs away giggling.

Cullan Papa Truck up close.jpeg

I told my 17 year old graduating grandson about it and he said “Wait. you are still married to Papa. Remember that.”

I said “Papa’s gone sweetheart”

“No he’s not. He’s not gone.”

Broke my heart.

Papa and Cullan in truck cropped.png

Today I asked him “Would you rather I not date?”

“No, I like seeing you happy.”

Healed my broken heart.

I don’t know as I’ll ever marry again. Nick was the love of my life. Ken makes me happy and feel content.

But one never knows the twists and turns life takes…………….

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7 thoughts on “Grandkids…..say the durndest things….

      1. NONNA!! I USED UP ALL THE TOILET PAPER !!!!! *nonna facepalms as she had JUST put a new roll on* JUST KIDDING!!!


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