OMG I hurt!!

Last night was a lesson in extreme pain.

First I took 2 bikes to have tires and tubes. I went to Ken’s and unloaded one so I can ride on flat roads till I am used to riding again. Haven’t ridden since last Summer. This is going to hurt.

Then when I got home last night, I took the other bike out, went with son in law to get the battery and hopefully the rider will work. I couldn’t lift my chest hurts so bad.

Got back home from that, took 2Tylenol and a Melatonin, showered and at 7:45pm, crawled into bed screaming in pain. OMG there is NO way to lay down when one hurts that bad.

4 year old Grandson came in with me.

“Nonna? Are you hurt?”

“Yes, luv, I am.”

“I’ll be right back!” and off he ran. Came back with the heating pad.

“This will make you ALL better.”

It hurts a 4 year olds feelings when a heating pad he ran special to get you doesn’t work. OMG the tears! One would think the world was coming to an end because his remedy wouldn’t work!! His mommy had to hug him, I kept trying to explain, gave up and told him the only thing that would make me feel better were kisses and lovin’s from him.

He couldn’t snuggle up FAST enough! Tears gone! LOL…..

So we snuggled and played Mahjong Master for a bit….then Nonna had to shut things off. Actually he did because I couldn’t move. So helpful when Nonna hurts.

We laid there and talked for awhile till he fell asleep. I had to get up for a loo stop. OMG to have to get up out of bed and then lay back down AGAIN?? Holy Mary Mother of God! (I’m not Catholic…is that the correct phrase??)

At 5:30am, I had to get up again…………and there was NO way I was laying back down for a lousy 30-45 more minutes so I went out to the couch and reclined. Jaysus….Rib/sternum pain is HORRID!!!

6:20am out toddles the 4 year old NONNA!!! My eye won’t open cause it’s sticky!

Well, sheet………………..



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11 thoughts on “OMG I hurt!!

  1. LMAO I have so been there. I recently got a new trainer and oh. my. god! I couldn’t move for two days. It was agony. Aleve works best because it has a muscle relaxant in it and on the third day, I took one. Now on a bike, the crotch pain, is unrelievable. We women used to double on pads, even though I no longer have a menses. It was the only thing to help. I understand there are gel things you can get. We are talking about bike riding pain, right? Enjoy the TLC

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    1. Can’t take Aleve with aspirin allergy. Tylenol it is. ugh. We are talking about my chest pain. But my ass will be sore after the first day and the second won’t make it easier….

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