Well a break through!!

I took my first pain pills at 2:15pm today!! Wow….considering I have been eating them like candy every 4 hours for the past week.

I still hurt but it was more manageable. And I don’t want to be dependent on pain meds. That is not a good thing. And believe me I have a CRAPLOAD of fun meds at my house…..I could make a fortune on the black market. But I won’t do that to Nick’s memory.

One of these days I will take that HUGE bag to the police station in town and dispose of the stuff.  I don’t know why I can’t let it go yet.

Going to a store tonight to find some new tops. Sick of my old ones and it is time for a change. Bought 3 last night, 2 are going back. I LOVE them on the hanger, but on me? Not so much.

flamingo.gif <—-Just because. I love Flamingos.

I am very tired today. Sleeping upright on my sofa is letting me sleep more but it’s still not a restful sleep. I’m thinking of taking all my big square pillows and building up a u-shaped wall so I can sleep in my bed instead.

Back to the 50’s car show this weekend. I am leaving at noon on Friday and I don’t know when I’ll be back. Depends on how I sleep up there with this damn chest. I’ll be going alone so I’ll probably stay with Jon.

I can’t wait to see my New Zealand friends……………………….so ‘cited!

Later taters!!


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12 thoughts on “Well a break through!!

  1. Don’t you send them back to the pharmacy ? All meds over here goes back to the pharmacy to be disposed of.
    It’s a pain as all drug of addiction returned need to be entered into the register and written out to destroy. If there’s lots it’s like writing lines. All must be recorded.

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