So I took all my floor pillows……

and made a BIG U on my bed. Lined the top with all my 6 ...7….OK! 8  pillows….  SHEESH!

I like my down feather pillows!!

accept yourself.png

I did that the night before only not enough of a U shape. I slid off to my left during the night, ended up curled up on my left side and just about couldn’t get uncurled in the morning. So last night I curled them around so both my arms were up on top next to my body.

I slept purdy durn good considering……

my furbabies

…..and my furbabies are so damn happy to have me back in my bed where I BELONG!

I loves me my furbabies.

Jegs T. Dog….most wonderful dog EVER!

Jegs in my car 101115.jpg

and Sprint T. Cat.


And Yes, Sprint is huge. 16+ lbs of cat fur, sharp claws and LOUD PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRS. He lurves me……the stinker.

cat in open window

If it decides to stop raining tonight, I’m taking the Mustang out for a run.

Wish me luck….



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