….totally unexpectedly met his Mom and Sister yesterday…..I was NOT ready for that…..

Here’s the story……………………


Two of his trees are dying. They are pretty tall too. He wants to cut them down and replace them, so we were looking at different types of evergreens. I wanted the REALLY soft one for $379. OMG! He likes it too but we were just looking and are not sure what to get yet. And? if he spent that kind of money on a tree, I’d shoot him……wow.

Anyway….I had noticed the truck up on the top getting mulch loaded. I thought it looked a lot like Ken’s truck but what are the chances his family has a truck just like his……?


I am looking at more shrubbery and stuff when I hear that truck moving, I turn and look and some lady is rolling down her window, yelling at Ken that he has enough stuff. I thought man! We can’t go ANYWHERE but someone knows Ken. I look and didn’t really pay attention till Ken says “Sue, come over here?” So I did….

“This is my sister and my mom.”

Could have knocked me over with a feather……….

NOT the first impression I wanted to make……………………………..My hair looked horrid…..

We stood and talked for a bit about plants and trees and why we were there……It was ok. I made it through meeting them. Two down, one to go and he lives in Florida so……..who knows when I’ll meet him……

Anyway…. I am giving Ken one of my corkscrew willows. He likes how it looks. I LOVE how the two I planted look. I can get more from my friend. They are totally cool. I also have 2 Sugar Maples that need moved before they get much bigger. They are right under my big living room window. Either he takes them or I move them into the yard.

I discovered this year, my birch tree that leans towards the house, is dying. I’ll need to cut it down but I am not replacing it. I would like to leave that place more open. I thought that tree was too close to the house anyway. I want to plant some trees on the other side of the fire pit so I can hang string lights in them.

I am hoping Ken will agree to come help me with my trees tonight. I still cannot do much with my left arm. I sneezed last night and about died. I sneezed at work today, but made sure to curl myself up and it was not as bad. Thank God! That freakin’ HURTS!!

I’m going to try to figure out how to reblog our ‘Bittersweet Farewell Tour’ of 2 years ago….

Hope it helps me deal with things …………




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8 thoughts on “So…..

    1. I have to ‘hug’ myself to things don’t move. A pillow still allows things to ‘move’ and it hurts like a bitch. I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck today. Sneezed twice yesterday, coughed too much last night, and already sneezed once today……


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